Vremi Bump N’ Grind Coffee Grinder

Vremi Bump N’ Grind Coffee Grinder

Where in the world can you find a $15 coffee grinder that makes 12 to 14 cups of pour-over espresso grounds? Undoubtedly that's a bold claim, but the Vremi Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder is not your everyday kitchen accessory. 

Vremi Blade Coffee Grinder

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In fact, it claims to be the best compact coffee grinder in the world. Honestly we were skeptics ourselves, but does it really hold up to a potential buyer's lofty expectations? Lets find out. 

About The Product

To be honest, Vremi's coffee grinder looks very different from conventional grinders. It's so small that you might mistake it for a water bottle. Standing in at 7.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches, it barely takes up space on a standard countertop.

Apart from the minute dimensions, it only weighs in at 1.5 pounds, it's by far the lightest coffee grinder that we have ever reviewed. Aesthetically, its simplistic design is not much of a looker. Paying homage to the popular adage "function over form," its looks are secondary to what it can actually do. 

The grinder is powered by a capable 150-watt motor, and despite its small size it can pound 100 grams of beans in one session. That's more or less equal to 14 cups of coffee if you want to push it on its maximum limit. 

According to the manual, the grinder can prep french press coffee in 8 seconds, 10 seconds for mochaccino, and 20 seconds for a finely powdered espresso.

Vremi Bump N’ Grind Coffee Grinder

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Intriguingly, Vremi claims that its dual stainless steel blades can grind other beans aside from coffee. Although we are not sure of its capability as a multipurpose grinder, several owners say that it can easily crush nuts, herbs and different kinds of grains.

The one-touch manual button does not come with an automatic feature, so you'll have to hold it down when using the grinder. Amazingly, it's not that hard to press and its rubber exterior helps a lot in securing the machine during operation.

As for safety features, the coffee grinder has a safety lock on the lid that settles the beans inside the grinding chamber. Since its components are non-detachable, the kit comes with a free brush cleaner. 

What We Like

There is no doubt that Vremi's Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder stands out among the list of cheap coffee grinders. To be honest we were not expecting it to perform as well as other expensive brands.

The chamber is pretty large considering its small stature, and the container is built with no nooks or crannies. This allows grounds to fall down and not get stuck after grinding.

Operating it is easy too. So far its very stable and the large button can be pressed with one finger. But the biggest selling point for the Vremi grinder could be its size. It's the perfect travel grinder for active people, it's conveniently light and can easily be stowed on-the-go. 

Vremi Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder

Source: amazon.com

What Could Be Better

Despite, its striking features and cheap price point, the Vremi Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder isn't a perfect machine. Consequently, we've rounded up some negative reviews from various people and so far there's a lot to talk about.

For starters, not all machines are made alike, quality wise. We've received reports that some items have loose lids, and others are not able to grind the beans properly. It could boil down to quality control and these things should be taken seriously.

Another non-factor for the Vremi coffee grinder is the long grinds, in Reality, it takes 10 to 12 seconds for a french press coffee, and longer for finely powdered espresso. 

Buying Guide

Coffee grinders come in different shapes and sizes. Some occupy a tremendous amount of space, while others are as discreet as the Vremi Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder.

If you're looking for a small and lightweight travel grinder on-the-go, Vremi's coffee grinder is highly recommended. 


The Vremi Bump N' Grind Coffee Grinder is a compact and lightweight coffee grinder that does its job for a price that's fairly below the average selling point of most grinders.

Albeit some minor issues, it's overall a solid grinder built for travelers and active people. We are quite hesitant to try it over harder spices, but at a $15 retail price, it's not hard to fall in love with the little gem. Big things do come in small packages.


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